Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Personal Trainer Recap - Day 3 of 5

As I just mentioned in my gym recap, I already did my cardio session this morning. I had to get up to drive DBF to work anyway, so no sense in wasting an early morning workout. But....I already had an appointment booked with my trainer for I thought we'd just be doing strength training, but I was wrong!

Instead she turned my "warm up" into a brutal session on the cross-trainer. (We chose the cross-trainer because I already ran on the treadmill this morning.) She let me have my 5 minute warm-up, but then immediately had me bump it up to Level 6 and do sprint intervals. 30 second sprints as fast as I can (up to 11 mph on that machine), with recoveries of 1:30 minutes but still maintaining a rapid speed (about 6.5 mph). Then after 10 minutes of that, she informs me that I'll be doing endurance intervals for the next 10 minutes. Yup, instead of sprinting for 30 seconds, I had to bump it up to Level 13 and go as hard as I could for the 30 seconds. Brutal, but worth it! Finished up the last minute with a Level 13 sprint, followed by a Level 6 killer sprint. At least she let me have the full 5 minute cool down.

Then we headed downstairs to the weights and machines and did a run through of 1 set of my current routine to make sure I haven't developed any bad habits. Nothing to report there, all is well and she's happy that I've already upped my weights on a few things.

She added in two new exercises for me. First, a back extension on the large ball...I had asked for a back strenthening exercise and this does just that. It also works the core big time, plus a little action on the butt (which is always good). I also asked for something for the legs (I'm trying to tone my calves and she gave me lunges. But not just regular lunges...reverse lunges off the step. Those are going to be great, but to start I sucked. They require a lot of concentration, balance and support...but I could really feel them so I'm stoked to practice those.

I had thought I might stay and ride the bike after our session, but she kicked my ass so hard at the beginning, I just did my stretching and came home.

We've booked our next follow up for two months from now, and by then it will definitely be time for a new routine. She says that I seem to be doing everything just right for now, so to keep it up and by the next meeting I'll be looking forward to learning some more new stuff.

Now, I must go lay down. I'm poopered. Pin It


Heather said...

Crazy good workout! You're kicking in to high gear for sure. :)

CaRoLyN said...

Wow that sounds like a great workout, I bet you felt so great afterwards. Kudos to you for ricking it!

Jen said...

HOLY CRAP! That sounds fantastic!!! Good for you!!!!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like fun! I love getting my butt kicked by my trainer! :P I bet you slept good last night after all that hard work! :)