Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snack Attack x 2

I thought I'd post two today since one of the products isn't really so much a snack as it is a condiment.

Dairyland Creama
(which Dairyland has not added to their website as of yet, but I did find this review online)
It's a liquid coffee creamer that comes in non-flavoured fat free, 10% half and half cream, and 18% cream versions, or in flavours such as french vanilla, hazelnut and toffee caramel.

I was tempted to try the toffee caramel because it really does sound yummy and decadent, but I stopped myself for two reasons. First, I hate to drink my calories (especially now that I really enjoy my morning coffee with brown sugar and skim milk... 2 huge mugs for 1 point). Second, I'm not much for really sweet stuff in my coffee, except for the occasional vanilla latte.

So I grabbed the basic fat free cream just to see if it's any good. For the amount I use, it works out to only a few more calories than skim milk so I didn't see the harm and thought it might make my morning coffee a little more special.

It's fine, but I don't think I'll bother wasting my money again. It does give the coffee that lovely "creamy" color that you don't get from milk, but I honestly don't see much of a difference in the actual taste. Maybe if I used cheap coffee, it might help to bulk it up a little....but I don't know about that.

Arthur's Smoothies
(their website seems to be having issues, but I did find this blog post online that has a lot of good info...)

After reading about these on Amazon's Blog a few times, I began to wonder what they were. I had never heard of them so thought they might just be something that Ontario folks could get.

Last night after the gym I was dying for something to drink while I was picking up a few things at Sobey's and sure enough when I wandered to the juices in the produce department, there was a whole selection of Arthur's Juices and Smoothies. I guess I'd never seen them because I was never looking for them. Duh.

As luck would have it, they had the larger 1 litre containers on special, so I read through all of the labels and settled on Strawberry Rainforest. It's a blend of apple juice, strawberries, banana, and a few other fruits. This one looked to be the lowest in calories and highest in fibre. A 325ml servings offers 180 cals, 3 gr fibre, no fat, no sodium....and the best part....2.5 servings of fruit! And luckily, it's very tasty!

As I mentioned above, I don't like to drink my calories as a general rule. But this is about the healthiest thing I've seen in a bottle and if it helps me get my fruit & veggie servings in then I'm all for it. I'm starting my next few mornings with a half serving at barely 1.5 points to see if that burst of vitamins gives me a much needed burst of energy.

Other flavours offered are: Blueberry Tea (which I didn't see there but would love to try), 24 Carrot Energizer, Mango Plus, Very Berry, Green Energy (meaning green apple, which was totally sold out). They also have a more exotic line which includes Pomtastic with pomegranite and Acai Plus (both of these were higher calorie with much less fibre though).

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eurydice said...

my mom buys those or something similar to those for my brother... i just can't drink the calories like that. although maybe 1/2 cup in a smoothie would be good.

Claude Gelinas said...

There's also a variety of carrot juices available out there that are amazing for your health.

As with everything, drink with moderation while keeping a healthy lifestyle!