Monday, March 31, 2008

Stupid Weigh In

What the hell? UP? Ya, that's right... SEVEN days OP, plus exercise SIX of those days...and what does the scale tell me? It tells me I gained almost a pound. Back up to 151.6! Booooooo!!

I know it doesn't really matter because it's probably been one of the most active weeks of my life, but still....I wanted to see my goal number again...finally. Not fair!

I am going back to have a look at my menus from two weeks ago because that was the week that I dropped 2.5 lbs. Maybe there was something magical in my dinners! This week will be tough as I want to eat as clean as possible all week, because this weekend is DBF's bday...and we have fancy-schmancy dinner plans on Friday and a night of drinking on Saturday. I've got to plan, plan, plan! Pin It

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Jen said...

Aw, Jamie, that sucks...I find that the weeks I do the MOST exercise I lose a little or STS...but then weeks when I back off a bit I have awesome losses...personally, I would rather know that I am working out and being healthy...that number will show again, and you will be so friggin lean and toned!