Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today I'm eating...

- 1/2 serving Arthur's Very Berry Smoothie
- coffee
- Red River Hot Cereal w/ pure pumpkin, brown sugar & pumpkin pie spice
- ww english muffin w/ dijon, sliced tomato & light cheddar, grilled open face
- baby carrots & couple pickles
- grapes w/ light Laughing Cow wedge
- pasta w/ sauce from freezer & BM meatballs (& leftover steamed veggies)
- edit: I did a little switching it up so I can have WINE - I forgot today is like Friday!
- carrot cupcake
- strawberries

22/22+4AP (this leaves me my APs for maybe a snacky-poo with our wine!)

Activity: 25 minutes high intensity cardio, 15 minutes moderate intensity cardio (4)

Water: 1 litre Pin It

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