Saturday, March 22, 2008

Today I'm Eating...

pre-gym: Hungry Girl 1 point "cookie"
post-gym: Starbucks triple grande vanilla no-fat latte
- Red River cereal w/ 1/2 chopped banana & 1/4 cup vanilla Almond Breeze
- grapes
- 2 x ww bun w/ light cheddar, light Miracle Whip, tomato, spinach
- baby carrots
- pumpkin bran muffin
- strawberries
- out for dinner & drinks:
Jamieson's Grill
- I think I'll stick to one glass of wine before we head to dinner, then probably a Strongbow while we are out. For food I will try the Poached Pear Salad and either the mussels or maybe the Cod Cakes. The root veggie chips w/ hummus look good too so maybe my girlfriend will want to share them because DBF won't.

18+dinner/22+5AP+up to 20 FP (saving the other 15 FP for tomorrow)

Activity: 30 mins high intensity cardio, 15 mins moderate cardio, full 3 sets strength training (5)

Water: 2 litres
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