Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday night's meatloaf ended up being leftover roast beef....when I thawed out what I thought was a package of leftover ground beef SURPRISE it was roast...oops! At least it still worked out with the cauliflower n cheese sauce and spuds. Apple Crumble wasn't my best work, but it was still good! I ended up passing on the evening wine because I just wasn't feeling it.

Saturday I set my alarm to get up for Ball n Step class, but of course it ended up taking forever to brush off my car and dig my way out of the damn by the time I got to the gym it was too late for the class. No biggie, I still did my regular workout of C25K week 2/day 3 and my full strength training routine. Because I missed the class I added in extra cardio by doing increasing incline intervals on the treadmill and then a hard ride on the recumbant bike. Boy am I feeling it today!! Foodwise, we treated ourselves to a late lunch at Chicken Burger and I stayed on plan all day.

Today I considered hitting up a yoga class but changed my mind and opted to do some early morning grocery shopping, but when I came downstairs DBF had been up for a while and was craving breakfast, so we headed out to Cora's instead. I had Rosemary's Sunday: two scrambled eggs with a couple of pieces of bacon and two little blueberry crepes. I only ate like 3 of my potatoes and didn't touch my toast....but I ate all of my fruit and all of DBFs. Soooo good!

After breaky I went back out to do my grocery shopping and randomly grabbed my gym bag on the way out. After standing in line at the stupid store for what seemed like ever, I decided to pop into the gym and do a little extra cardio. I did some sprint intervals and some incline intervals on the treadmill, followed by a random session on the cross-trainer just for something different. I did a ton of extra stretching afterwards because all of this leg-work is making me a little stiff. A good stiff though...woooohooo!

Tonight I'm making the meatloaf that I had planned on Friday, now that I actually have some ground beef. After earning my extra APs today I'm happy to say that I can still have my leftover Apple Crumble as a Sunday night treat! I think I'm going to put together a batch of 1 point cinnamon buns tonight too, for treats throughout the week. Pin It

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