Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yet another reason I hate the weather here!

Sooooo.....yesterday I was all excited to go to the gym. I planned my work day carefully so I could leave early enough to get to the gym before the after work rush. I got all cleaned up, dressed into my workout gear, tied up my shoes....and proceded out to my car. Except I never made it to my car, because I slipped about half-way down our front porch stairs on the ice and landed on the cement at the botttom. Ask me how impressed I was about that...I dare you!

Let's just say that I have a MASSIVE lump on the back of my leg and it hurts like hell. Not fun.

So obviously no gym. Booooooo!

In true Halifax form though, the weather has taken a 180 degree turn and the sun is out today so I will try again to get out there... Pin It


Jen said...

OH BRUTAL!!! I am so sorry to hear that!!!

Good for you for taking a little break then!! You might have hurt yourself more at the gym!!!

Natalie said...

WINTER SUCKS SO MUCH! For that reason and so many others. I hope you feel better soon!