Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday such as it is...

Today is a bit of a mystery. DBF is leaving on a jetplane this evening, so depending on if he can book his preferred seats online, we may eat at home or on the way there or possibly at the airport.

I opted not to go to the gym this morning, but now I think that may have been a bad idea because I'm not sure that I have time to fit it in later today. Maybe at the very end of the night, after I've dropped DBF off at the airport? The weather is wet and yucky so no dog walkie today.

Today's Eats (to the best of my knowledge...):

- 1 cup SunRype Fruit+veggie juice - orange pineapple
- coffeeeeeeeeee
- 2 blueberry Eggo dipped in a Source Tango vanilla yogurt
- strawberries
- WW bagel w/ 1 wedge light Laughing Cow, topped with sliced tomatoes
- apple w/ natural PB
- ???dinner???
- cookies & tea while I get used to DBF being gone tonight :(

16+dinner/22 (hmmmm....points ratio not looking so good....gotta find me some activity!)

Water Water Water!

Edit: uh-oh....scrap the bagel and the apple...DBF stopped for drive-thru on his way home and 3 yummy Wendy's chicken strips made it into my lunch plan. And right now I'm eating my final pack of PB cups (we have a bunch of treats in the cupboard that I've asked him to either hide or take with him). Dinner at the airport better involve a salad! And I think those cookies better find their way outta here too!

Edit #2: uh-oh some much for the salad...I chose fish n chips! oooops. Oh well. DBF did take away the leftover chocolate bars, so I only have 4 cookies and some Mike & Ikes to contend with. I think I'll just indulge in them tonight while I clean my office and watch some TV...then tomorrow I can have a fresh start. For some reason, I do pretty good resetting on a Saturday so hopefully that proves to be true tomorrow!

On a bright note, it was still somewhat light out and warm when I got back from the instead of taking off my shoes and getting comfy I immediately grabbed the dog's leash and a baggie and off we went for our neighborhood walk. It was great! Pin It


CaRoLyN said...

Aww Sorry hubby is off again! No fun! Mine is off again in May for 2-4 weeks! Ugh. At least we are strong independent women who can make it on our own :)
Grab a chick flick, some Norah JOnes and a bubble bath and your good to go!

Jennifer said...

Aww sorry DBF is gone again :( When will he be back?

I love your posts! You're so motivated, it's incredible! I mean, even though you had fish & chips tonight instead of salad, you can still get right back on track. I'm jealous! lol. If I mess up one day, I mess up the whole week and it's BAD. I wonder why I can't learn that even if I mess up one day, I can at least have a STS that week? Haha, I should think of that the next time I slip up.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Thanks Jennifer. I've been having a tough time of it the last couple of weeks, but I seem to be not jumping WAY off the wagon so it hasn't hurt me yet. I'm hoping that starting tomorrow I can get back on track and stay there for a while. At least my exercise hasn't suffered yet.... :)

Christina said...

great post I love the edits made me laugh while reading them, hope you had a nice walk ith the dog :)