Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gym Recap

Today was THAT day. THAT day that I knew would eventually come. THAT day that I really felt like I am getting somewhere. THAT day that I really felt like I had totally pushed myself. LOVE IT.

Treadmill: C25K Week 3/ Day 3
- 5 minute warm up @ 3.5mph
- 1:30 run/1:30 recover/3:00 run/3:00 recover/1:30 run/1:30 recover/3:00 run
- I upped my running speed to 6mph, and walking to 4mph
- 5 minute cooldown @ 3mph
(I don't usually do the whole 5 minute cooldown, but today I needed it)

Elliptical: ramp @ 6 (this is the highest it can go to still work all 4 muscle groups)
- 5 minute warm up at resistance of 5
- 10 minutes at resistance of 8
- 5 minutes at resistance of 10
- 5 minute cooldown
(I sooooo wanted to quit part way through level 10, but I kept talking myself through it and made it!)

3 full sets of strength training - upped my weight on the chest press (finally!) and again on the leg press.

Recumb Bike: random, level 6 (that's up a level from usual)
- full 20 minute ride at 85mph+
- 3 minute cooldown Pin It


Jen said...

AWESOME job Jamie!!! I love love love days like that...especially when I want to give up half way through...

Jennifer said...

You're awesome! It feels sooo good when you almost give up but then push through, doesn't it? :)

Amuldoon said...

Holy crap! That is one hell of a workout!