Monday, April 07, 2008

Gym Recap

DBF carpooled to work today, so I ended up getting up late for the gym. Remind me not to do gets too damn busy in there after about 8:45!

Treadmill: C25K - week 4/day 1 (scary!)
- 5 minute warm-up @ 3.5 mph
- 3:00 run/1:30 recovery/5:00 run/3:00 recovery/3:00 run/1:30 recovery/5:00 run
- walking @ 4mph, running at 5.7mph (had to slow the pace to make it through the longer runs...but 5.5 was too slow for my stride)
(now, the problem here is that there is a 20 minute limit on the cardio equipment...and you get 5 mins for cooldown...and if no one is waiting you can take longer if you need it...but today there was a line-up for the 4 minutes in to my final 5 min run I had to I quickly ran over to an elliptical....)

Elliptical: ramp @4, resistance @4
- 5 minutes moderate pace
- 5 minutes fast paced
- 5 minute cooldown

3 full sets of strength training (can I just say that the reverse lunges are f'ing hard!)

I noted 5 AP for this workout, but I honestly think it might have been a solid 6 point day.... Pin It


Christina said...

You really are a bionic woman

Jennifer said...

Jaime, you should definitely reward yourself with a Lulu bag! You'd LOVE it! I bet it would be an incentive to go to the gym even more! That's kind of what mine is :)

I tried on a pair of pants today and my reaction actually was "Wow these make me look fat!" so I bought the bag instead. Haha. Grey is apparently not a slimming colour on me, but they made my bum looks fabulous! I think I will treat myself to a black pair when I get to a certain weight :)

Lulu is so addictive...!