Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gym Recap

DBF drove himself into work today, but I was awake so decided rather than just lay in bed half-asleep I might as well get up and get to the gym early today. Yaieee for as much treadmill time as I want!

Tuesdays are cardio only...

- 5 minute warm-up
- 15 minutes running intervals: 45 second runs @ 7mph, 45 second recoveries @ 4mph (had one 90 second recovery in the middle so I could make it to the end)
- 5 minute moderate paced cooldown


More Treadmill!:
- 20 minutes incline intervals @ 3-3.5mph
- change incline every 2 minutes: starting @ 5, then up 3, then down 2, then up 3, and so on...
- 3 minute cooldown

Recumbant Bike:
- level 5, random
- 10 minutes @ 70+mph
- 2 minute cooldown

60 minutes total, for approximately 4-5 AP. Pin It


Anonymous said...

7mph? Wow! that's fast!

Bi0nicw0man said...

hehe, it's just sprints!

Christina said...

great workout...I am super impressed :)

Jennifer said...

You are a lean mean bionic machine! I looooove your blog <3 It makes me want to workout AND eat healthier. Haha :)