Monday, April 14, 2008

Gym Recap

Treadmill: C25K, week 5/day 1
(note...C25K is different each day this's scary!)
- 5 minute warm-up
- 5:00 run/3:00 recovery/5:00 run/3:00 recovery/5:00 run
- 5 minute cooldown
(total: 2.32 miles)

3 full sets strength training
- upped the weight for tricep pulldowns and it didn't kill me!

Recumb Bike: random, level 6
- 10 mins @ 90mph+
- 3 minute cooldown

Big thanks to Amy for pointing out that I mistakenly typed that I figured I could do the 5k in 20 minutes. Ooooops! that has now been corrected to 30 minutes. (and yes I know this is ambitious...but go big or go home I say!!) I'm also aware that once I'm off the treadmill and running under my own steam that my time will go up....this is treadmill specific for now. Thanks Amy! Pin It

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