Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gym Recap

Can I just say that I bust my ass for an hour & a half and WW says it's only 5 points. Pttttth. On the treadmill alone I burn 300 calories, then I do a hard-ass strength training session, followed by another 10-15 mins of moderate cardio...I'm guessing all of that totals about 450 cals...but nooooo stupid WW says poo-poo to that.

I'm just saying...

(I just realized I didn't recap on Monday....well, you didn't miss anything except that C25K Week 6/Day 1 was: 5 min warm-up, 5 min run, 3 min recover, 8 min run, 3 min recover, 5 min run, cooldown)

So today....

Treadmill: C25K Week 6/Day 2
- 5 min warm-up, 10 min run, 3 min recovery, 10 min run, cooldown
- (first run @ 5.6mph, recover @ 3.5mph, second run at 5.4mph)

It took me a while to find my pace, but I eventually got it. The second run was a bit buggered because the machine went into cooldown on me, so I just stopped and restarted it and added 30 seconds on at the end of the run to make up for it. My right shin started to really give me some trouble a few minutes in (enough that I was getting worried) but then I found my pace and it relaxed and I made it through no problem. Yaaaieee!

Strength Training:
- 3 full sets except I left out the reverse lunges for the first time today. My knees bother me once in a while and after the run I just didn't think they could take the lunges. I added a set of calf exercises instead.

Bike: (I actually used the regular bike instead of the recumbant just for something different)
- 6 mins on random, level 5
- 4 mins on random, level 7 (5 was seeming a little too easy)
- 2 min cooldown

Lots of stretching. I've been pretty stiff lately since I've been upping my weights more and more. Pin It

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