Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I have a PLAN!

Last night's menu didn't go quite as I had planned but it was still pretty much on point so I'm not stressing about it. I was going stir crazy in the house, so decided to go shopping instead. Of course, being a Tuesday night all that I did was go to Wal-Mart and Sobey's. :) I picked up the ingredients to make a Spring Veggie Soup from the latest RR magazine and the few extra things I needed for tonight's meatball sub (Jen talks about these often and I have meatballs to use up, so I just had to do it!). Wal-Mart had tons of yummy treats on sale, but I managed to stick to the basics that I actually needed like Kashi granola bars, All-Bran Bars, and I did decide to try a box of those Peak Frean LifeStyle cookies in Cranberry Orange (they aren't chocolately so I shouldn't binge away on them). I also found a new flavour of Nestea singles (I prefer them over Crystal Light because they are made with Splenda) - Blueberry Pomegranate - for flavoring my water once in a while.

Anyway, dinner was late and I didn't feel like prepping veggies so I had McCain fries instead. Oh well. Points were fine, just not the healthiest choice. I'm using the asparagus in the soup I'm making tomorrow anyway!

And with Angie's post about her new bike, I'm extra motivated to get my bike out of the garage and give it a go. I'll prep it up today and make sure it's all OK, so I can go for a ride tomorrow. Yaieee!

Today's Plan:
- SunRype Fruit Solutions juice
- coffee
- Kashi cherry/choc granola bar
- 500 ml water
- Source vanilla yogurt w/ strawberries, blackberries & 1/2 banana
- 500 ml water
- 1 litre water (at gym)
- 1/2 portion of leftover risotto w/ 6 big shrimps
- baby carrots & cucumber sticks
- 500 ml water
- apple w/ light Laughing Cow
- meatball sub: crusty roll, 4 PC BM lean meatballs, 1/3 cup Classico tomato/basil sauce, Italian seasoning, sauteed onions, 1 oz shredded part skim mozza, sprinkle fresh parm (DROOL!)
- arugula salad
- 500 ml water (with dinner)
- CHORES (apparently the dog isn't going to vacuum up his own fur!)
- decaf tea & Peak Freans
- (if still hungry...yogurt & berries)


Activity: 30 mins high intensity cardio, strength training, 15 mins moderate cardio (5), dog walk & chores (2)

Water: planned 3 litres!
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Jennifer said...

Ohhh that meatball sub sounds SOOOO GOOD!

The Lifestyle cookies are good, I like the cinnamon crisp ones and the bran crunch ones (2 points for 2).

Anonymous said...

i had mccain fries last night too. hehe.

Jen said...

MMMM, I almost die every time I eat that sub...I love it!!!

I love the lifestyle cookies faves are the shortbread and the lemon crisp! YUMMY!

I want to bike too! But perhaps I will wait for the snow to melt...

CaRoLyN said...

Nice plan!
I agree, the meatball sub sounds yumola. How do you make it? I've honeslty never made one before.

I've been thinking about getting a bike too, it would be such great exercise!

Which KAshi bars do you get? I haven't tried them yet but I'mg oing to go pick some up tonight!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Carolyn, I've never made the sub before either! I'm going to heat the meatballs in the sauce....then put them on the bun, top with the onions & cheese, then broil in the oven.

The only Kashi bars I like are the dark chocolate & cherry ones. Do yourself a favour and stay away from the PB ones...they are dry and gross. I threw those ones away, that's how bad they were.

I actually prefer other granola bars, but I'm trying to avoid the high fructose crap so these ones do the trick.

Mandy said...

Hey girl, how much pumpkin do you use in place of the banana in my muffin recipe? Half a cup?

Christina said...

mmmm blueberry pomegranate that sounds great, where do you find those, Ilove flavouring my water

Cat_82 said...

Ok....those cookies are SO good...especially with tea. I had a box in my desk at work, and munched through 6!!! in one sitting!!! They don't look like they'll be that awesome, so I, also thought they'd be safe to buy.....not so much.

I won't let myself by the fruit cream ones, 'cause I'll seriously waste all my FP's on them....

Have a great day!

eurydice said...

blueberry pomegranate? yum i'm going to get some right now!

Lynn said...

I agree the sub sounds yummo!!
Get your bike out girlie, there will be no more snow here in NS (hopefully, lol!) "_

Vanessa said...

Looks like a great plan! I want a sub now...I have meatballs in the freezer...:P

I want my bike back in the city so bad :(.