Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Thirsty

I hate it when I wake up thirsty, but nothing seems to quench it. I've tried a big glass of water...blah. I have brushed my teeth...blah. I've got my juice here...but still blah. You know what's stupid? It'll be my coffee that makes me feel better...brew, brew, brew!

Yet again, another morning that I'm absolutely exhausted. I thought because of my later, kickass workout yesterday that going to bed earlier would be a breeze, but no such luck. I watched a movie until about 10:45, but wasn't ended up watching some TV...then even when I went to bed around 11:30 I still couldn't sleep. Did my nails until after midnight, then just laid there. It was after 1am when I finally fell asleep. Boooooo.'s plans:

- juice
- coffee
- egg salad on Fibre+ toast (last of the boiled eggs for a while)
- watermelon
- ww pita toasted (w/olive oil), w/ hummus
- another small Greek salad w/ light feta & tzatziki as dressing
- post-gym: Kashi Bar
- grapes & light cheddar
- dinner is leftover Crusted Tilapia served with grilled zucchini (w/olive oil) & steamed carrots & brocolli
- skim milk with dinner
- ff vanilla yogurt w/ blackberries
- maybe some Lifestyle cookies & tea


Activity: 30 minutes high intensity cardio, 15 minutes moderate cardio, full strength training (5)

Guidelines: ALL GOOD Pin It

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Anonymous said...

i was so friggin thirsty after work yesterday. i drank sooo much water, pop, crystal light, nothing worked. haha.