Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh well!

Made it through yesterday on plan and unscathed! Woohooo! I think that might technically have been my first OP day all month. Sad really, since I had 18 days straight before that. Oh well!

I did have two cookies last night, but they were planned and I ONLY HAD TWO. :)

The au gratin potatoes didn't really work out. I followed a WW recipe I had used before...but I was halfing it, and I only had whole wheat flour...which apparently doesn't thicken as well. I also tried to speed up the cooking time by pre-boiling the spuds and I think it left them too watery. We ended up just eating the spuds with some of the cheese on top. Oh well!

I got out with the dog for a walk early on in the there was no procrastinating my way out of it. I shall do that again today!! The weather is supposed to go sour this evening and into tomorrow...isn't that always the way...weekend is coming. Oh well!

DBF leaves tomorrow evening for a trip to Winnipeg to visit his son, so I'm starting my menu planning. My basic plan is to only buy whatever fresh produce I need and to eat up leftovers and freezer items. This should get me through the first week no problem. Week two I think I'm going to try a couple of fish dishes. DBF doesn't eat seafood (except lobster and the occassional scallop) so I don't make it at home. Now's my chance! Tilapia here I come.
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