Friday, April 04, 2008


Well, here you have it folks. An all-out point-busting night was had last night. Meh.

DBF mentioned dinner out, and at first I said no because we are going out tonight for his fancy birthday dinner....but then the chicken for the salads wasn't thawed yet, and willpower obviously waned. The idea of not cooking seemed fabulous, so off we went.

We chose East Side Marios because it was the last of the local restaurants that we hadn't been to yet. Now, I KNOW there are decent choices there...I've looked at the menu, I've seen the threads on the GDT...but somehow I just co├║ldn't bring myself to order one of those things. I didn't want salad...which is stupid, because that's what we were going to have if we'd eaten at home.

So yup, I chose the Baked Ziti. Cheesey, ooey, gooey, saucey pasta. with SAUSAGE. Plus, of course I couldn't pass up the free bread. At least I chose the Italian Wedding soup as my's actually less points than the salad with dressing....not that it matters at that point! I only ate half of my dinner, but it's still somewhere around 12 points. SO NOT WORTH IT. The leftovers are in the fridge, but I will likely not eat them because it wasn't very good and I can't fathom stuffing that many points in my body again before it goes bad.

But the worst part is that we finally gave in to our Blizzard craving last night. We've been bombarded by commercials about the new Tin Roof Brownie Blizzard on TV all week....and being as the DQ is right next to Marios, the car basically just drove itself there. Boooooooo. In this case, the new flavour of treat is really good, so it was more worth it....but not really since I'd already consumed so much carby-cheesy-crap just 15 minutes earlier. I only ate about half of it (OK maybe two thirds) but it was chock full of yummy brownie bits and chocolate covered peanuts.

I just added up the points the best I could and believe it or not I still have about 5 FP left. However, tonight is steak and lobster many bevvies for DBFs those 5 points just won't cut it. Oh well, such is life.

I have planned out my menu for today very carefully so as to stay full right up until dinner without any extraneous snacking. If I need something to tide me over in the late afternoon, there is a bag of baby carrots and some cucumber sticks awaiting me in the fridge. Unfortunately, today is my MUCH NEEDED day off from the gym, so I can't even squeak in an extra workout to help me out (I think my body might kill me if I did), but I will get out for a lunchtime walk with the dog...and if I have time this afternoon I will squeak in a 20 minute yoga-flow podcast.

I won't be beating myself up, but I won't be falling victim to the bland Mario's pasta again that's for sure! And I won't be expecting a loss come Monday morning, but I will work carefully on Saturday and Sunday to make sure that I'm not eating anything I don't NEED. Pin It


eurydice said...

I can't bring myself to order a salad at East Side Mario's either. The pasta is just too good ooey gooey yumness.

Christina said...

East side Marios...ummm the bread is my downfall. So good and so super yummy. I am jealouse that you had iti, yummers. Your meal plan for today looks great, way to stay on track