Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pizza Hut "The Edge"

For Shannon!

I had originally planned to order the veggie version, but the toppings were boring, so I checked out the NI for The Works and it's what I would consider acceptable so I ordered that instead. I opted for adding pineapple in place of the green peppers though because I HATE green peppers....I imagine the NI would be a tiny bit higher for the pineapple but I didn't stress over it.

According to Pizza Hut's website, the NI for The Edge w/ The Works is:
- 110 cals/5 gr fat/1 gr fibre (2 points) per serving

This is for the medium size. Technically you would have to actually weigh the pieces (this is based on 56 gr slices) because they slice the pizza in squares instead of wedges and every piece is a different size. I guesstimated.

(Note: the NI is higher if you order the large pizza, because the squares are bigger...)

I LOVE good thin n crispy crust, so I thought this was pretty good. I'd definitely order it again, except next time I think I'll chose my own toppings because I really didn't need two kinds of meat...and it would have been good with spinach or something like that.
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marie said...

I need to stop reading other people's blogs with food in them while I can only eat stupid blue menu crap.

*wah wah* I want pizza!!

Jennifer said...

That looks sooo darn good! :)

tash said...

You're tagged! See my blog for details :)

Alli said...

Dang girl you are making me HUNGRY. I absolutely hate green peppers too.... but on a pizza like that I would deal... droooooool.
2 pts a slice? That's alot better than I thought. I might have to add that to one of my "eating out" options.

Anonymous said...

thanks girlie. :) i will have to get it.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Alli, the slices are small..but the toppings are plenty and they don't go overboard on the cheese. I eat three pieces and am pretty satisfied.

Christina said...

I love thin crust pizza..makes me go crazy. i can't stop eating after just one piece but with NI like that, hmm maybe 3 pieces wouldn't be so bad :)