Saturday, April 26, 2008

Poo-poo Choices

I overindulged in Cheetos and chocolate last night. That's what happens when your boyfriend is away and your bored watching movies and DVDs of Sex and the City.

Then I had a brunch this morning, where for some reason I chose Eggs Benny. I never order Eggs Benny. And they had no alternative the home fries, so I ate them. There wasn't that many and had I not eaten all of those Cheetos and chocolate last night it might not have mattered. But I did, so it did matter. At least it was really good!

My good choice for today was that when I finished shopping hours after brunch and I was famished, I opted to try a smoothie from the Juice, eh in the mall. I got a small one made with pineapple, strawberries & banana. According to their NI a 16oz would be 225 cals, but there's no way this was a 16oz....maybe a a good choice I think.

Problem was, that I went straight to the gym with half of the smoothie in my tummy. Makes for a piss-poor workout let me tell you. By far the worst workout I've had yet. I mean, I still did most of it, and at least I didn't skip it all together....but it was lame. Half way into my C25K the smoothie decided to turn into a gurgling stomache ache, so instead of my second 10 minute run I just went straight to the cooldown walk and decided that was enough cardio for today. I did about half of my strength training, a really fast stretch and that was it. Better than nothing, but lame nonetheless.

Now I'm eating a bowl of Kashi Crunch to hold me over until my late dinner. It's my girlfriend's birthday, so it's girls night out. Dinner got moved to a slightly classier pub, so hopefully the food choices are a bit on the healthier side. I'm hoping for something along the lines of salad with chicken.

Anywho, hopefully there will be dancing to help fend of the evil eats and copious amounts of vodka I will be consuming. At least my drink of choice is vodka/soda anyway, so that's cheap on the old calories.

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Julie said...

You'll be ok!
I hope you have fun tonight.

Vanessa said...

Have fun tonight!