Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today's plans didn't go quite as I had planned, but it ended up being an extra productive day so I'm happy. I didn't make it outside (yet!) to enjoy the great weather because I got on a roll sorting my tax papers and just kept going and now I'm all done and ready to actually do my taxes. I thought it was going to take several attempts for the rest of the week to finally get it all done, so I have no problem giving up one day outside for getting it all done now. :)

I still basically stuck to my food plan for the day too. So far only one snack that wasn't on my list, and it was a 3 point Luna Bar so I don't feel bad about it at all. I'm down a dairy serving because I opted to skip my latte at Starbucks today and made coffee at home...I'll make it up with milk tonight instead of tea.

No activity as of yet, but the sun is still out so maybe an after dinner walk around the neighborhood with the dog. Sunday is an optional day of rest in my activity routine, so no biggie.

Today's eats:
- SunRype Fruit+veggie juice
- coffee
- Fibre Source granola bar
- omelette made with 100ml Egg Beaters & 50ml egg whites, mushrooms, fresh spinach, Italian Seasoning, light cheddar, and sprinkled with fresh tomatoes
- 1/2 WW bagel w/ RSF Becel
- grapes
- Source Tango yogurt
- 3 Wasa w/ 2 light Laughing Cow, sliced tomatoes, sliced cukes, sprinkle of red onion
- chocolate LunaBar
- leftover Chicken Stew from freezer, with added frozen veggies & steamed asparagus
- muffin, skim milk
- maybe strawberries & another Tango yogurt

approx 25/22
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1 comment:

Christina said...

way to go sticking to the plan and only one snack GREAT!