Monday, April 07, 2008

Weigh In and Sunday Madness

Boooo. Up almost 3 pounds. I knew yesterday was "disaster day" but man... THREE FRIGGIN POUNDS!??! Meh. Me no likey 154.4....far too close to 155, which is my absolute limit.

Today will be WATER WATER WATER. Time to flush out the system and get back on track.

Saturday night went well food/drink wise. I maybe ate a few too many Bits n Bites with our snackies at home, but the night ended early once we got out to the bar, so not too many drinks and no deep fried pepperoni!

Yesterday was a total write-off though. We started the day with Timmy's Breakfast Sammiches...the sausage ones...and got a box of Timbits because we had friends that slept over and the boys were going to have a slack day of watching F1. I "treated" myself to real Timmy's cream in my coffee (ya, because the sammich and timbits weren't enough of a treat!).

That all could've been fine....I even went to the gym and power walked for 50 minutes...5KM! I planned grilled chicken and caesar salads for dinner. I wasn't going to let the morning's indescretions do me in. But alas, I succumbed to a latte in the afternoon....then those "devil-bits" kept calling my name. Then there might have been a late afternoon stupid McDs cheeseburger (at least we shared the small fries).

Then, because it was DBFs bday, and because the new Rona had a wicked opening weekend sale on, we decided to finally buy a new BBQ....which meant the inaugural meal would be steaks. So...bye-bye to the healthy chicken...and hello to the tasty beefy goodness. :) I still served it with caesar salad (light dressing) but didn't measure anything and then ate almost half the loaf of garlic bread.

And let's not get into the fact that there might have been chocolate cake for DBFs bday...and how I might have had at least two pieces.

Today I WILL recover!!!

See look! The "devil-bits" in all their sour-cream-glazey-goodness. Pure evil!

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Jen said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm....I LOVE timmy's breakfast...every once in a while I have the sausage sandwich with a yogurt and berries...sinful!!! I love/hate timbits!! The little cherry ones are my favorite and I COULD eat a whole box at one time! at that point I should have just bought a cherry stick and been done with it!! argh!! (why am I getting so angry!)

At least you did the right thing and BBQ'd steaks last night...a girl in my step class the other day (when we were talking about yummy BBQs) said "*sniff* I don't eat red meat" boo to that!

eurydice said...

timbits are so evil. did you know some timbits have TWO ww points? that's ridiculous!