Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Day Off

Given that yesterday was soooooo nice, we had figured on at least a somewhat warm day today and made plans to work on our garage and I opted to say no to the gym again. Of course, this led to a breakfast out where I ate my own breakfast plus one of DBF's pancakes. Which would have been fine had we gotten the planned activity....but noooooooo...the weather chose not to cooperate! DBF managed to get the lawn mowed, and I got a few more boxes opened and pulled forward in the garage (someone up there doesn't want me to get through the whole garage, I'm tellin ya!), but then it decided to start raining. Not enough to drown us, but definitely enough to impede fertilizing the lawn, and sorting boxes in the driveway. Boooo.

Thankfully breakfast was super filling so no snacking has been necessary. Dinner is now the Greek chicken, roasted spuds and grilled veggies I had planned for last night. We ended up doing the meat, cheese and cracker thing with our drinks on the deck last night, so I saved the planned meal for tonight instead. Last night there may have been some Ben & Jerry's too...but that's a dairy serving right? :)

Tonight we off to see the new Indiana Jones movie...and since dinner will be filling...there will be NO popcorn for me. And I'm bringing my own water. I refuse to drink $4 water! :)

Tomorrow is supposed to be putter around the house day, but I already told DBF that if we get up to potentially bad weather I'm going to the gym before we do anything else...

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tash said...

Ben and Jerry's totally counts as a dairy serving. Maybe even 2 if you eat enough ;)