Friday, May 09, 2008

Blowing this Popstand!

It's that time...time to for last minute stuff before I head off to the airport. I'm sitting here with my late breakfast of things I know DBF won't eat while I'm gone...LOL. Nice combo of Arthur's Very Berry Smoothie, baby carrots, grapes, and maybe a Source yogurt. I've had some coffee and some water, but I'm taking it easy on that stuff because I don't want to have to pee twelve times on the plane.

Lunch will be something quick at the airport with my honey...probably Timmy's. I also packed a couple of Kashi bars in my purse to tide me over on the plane. Airplane food is crappy and expensive now, so I'd rather sustain myself with water or juice and just hope I don't wind up starving. My girls are getting us some yummy Noodle Box for a super late dinner when I get to Victoria. Not the healthiest way to start my vacation, but totally worth it. :)

I think I'm going to finish packing now and get in a walk around the neighborhood with the dog. Gotta get that last minute activity in!

I will be posting on and off while I'm gone, just to let you all know I'm still alive and hopefully to keep myself accountable. I know activity is going to be sporatic at best and eating isn't going to be point friendly...but I plan to stick to our Summer Challenge and work hard at keeping to the Healthy Guidelines. Wish me luck! Pin It


JavaChick said...

I had lunch from The Noodle Box in Chinatown when I was in Victoria a few years back. Yum!

Have a great trip. :)

Jen said...

WOO!! Have fun on your trip girl!!!

Definitely keep us posted just on EVERYTHING!!!

Julie said...

Good luck and more important have fun!!!

Jennifer said...

Have a great trip! I'll miss you and your blog :(

Lex said...

MMMM That noodlebox looks GREAT!!

Have a great trip!!!