Friday, May 02, 2008

Bump in the Challenge

I really want to count yesterday as good challenge-wise, but I just can't. Boooo. But I had a fabulous time, so I am not upset. I didn't manage to get all of my water in and my added sugar intake for the day was more than planned/necessary. So close, yet so far! Oh well. After the great dinner, we went to the movies. Did you know that the Oxford has a deal for $9.99 that includes your admission/regular popcorn/regular drink? How can you turn that down? Except my friend ordered my drink and I didn't say "diet" so wound up with a real Coke. It was great (I love Coke!) but it killed my challenge for the day (I'd already allowed myself the cake for dessert).

So today.....

- 1/2 serving Arthur's Very Berry Smoothie (full fruit serving!)
- coffeeeeeeeee
- Special K Satisfaction w/ chopped 1/2 banana & vanilla Almond Breeze
- watermelon
- hummus, crackers, carrots, mushrooms
- grapes
- 1/2 banana & ff vanilla yogurt
- pita pizza!!: ww pita, Classico sauce, salami, red onions, mushrooms, spinach, part skim mozza, fresh grated parm, drizzle olive oil
- mixed green salad w/ tomatoes & grilled asparagus, olive oil & balsamic drizzle
- Creamsicle (did you know only 2 points!?)
- maybe SmartPop while I watch a movie


Activity: I am really planning for a 3-4km walk with the dog on the trail after work, but the weather is pretty gloomy so maybe I'll end up on the treadmill instead. Either way, power walk (3).

Guidelines: ALL GOOD! Pin It


Jennifer said...

Aww, boo for the regular Coke! But sometimes having a regular Coke once in a while is nice, isn't it? I had a Diet Coke last night at work for the first time in a LONG time, and it was good! Usually I can't be bothered to drink pop. Too many points and it makes my blood sugar levels do a 180.

CaRoLyN said...

I love the movie deal, I used it last weekend when we went to see a movie. Sweet deal eh?
The restaurant sounds sooo good. I love trying out new foods and so does my hubby.
YAY for meeting your challenges, you are kicking some serious butt.

PS BAaley's cake, can it get any better?