Friday, May 02, 2008

Challenges, Challenges, Everywhere!

First, let me just say that I did indeed get off my buns and go to the gym on a Friday night. Fridays are usually my day off, but I want to get as much time in as I can because I'll be missing a bunch while I'm away, so after a bit of after-work TV I got into my workout gear and went. I had wanted to walk outside, but the weather is still instead I walked 4.5km on the treadmill, the latter 2km at an incline of 10. Nice and quiet at the gym, so I went sans iPod and read a really good article in Marie Claire. :) Tomorrow is extra cardio and strength training day.

I never said anything, but for April I challenged myself to get 22 days of gym time in. I got some fun little stickers for my calendar and was doing really well for the first few weeks. In the end, I slipped a few days and ended up with 20 days total, but that's pretty good for my first gym challenge. I'm proud of myself!

This month I can't really challenge myself to a full month of gym time because I'm going away for 10 I've set the bar at 15 days...but I'll be happy if I get in 12, plus as much other activity as I can (ie: walks and such while I'm gone). Hopefully by the time I get back the weather will be better too, so I can keep up with my extra challenge...

My extra activity challenge to myself (to keep motivation while I'm gone) is to walk/run/jog/bike at least 60km this month. I based that on 2km day for 30 days....knowing that I'll miss a few days, but on most gym days I'll go at least 3-4km. This should help keep me moving even when I can't get on a treadmill.

I might not be able to watch everything I eat or count all of my points, but I can make sure I don't turn into a couch potato just because I'm on vacation! Pin It

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