Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cookies & Cheese

You will happy to hear that I only ate three cookies with 1/2 cup skim milk last night. And I will have you know that I did feel better! :) Of course, I still need bras in a big bad way...but I'll probably shop lots when I get to Victoria so maybe they'll have a better selection of sad, little A cups. A!!! Booooo! I used to be a 36C....then went down to a 36B.....then 36A. Except in a push-up bra I'm still a B because I need the extra cup space for the push-up part. Good thing DBF isn't a boob man. gym today...lots of work and travel prep to do. Maybe a walk later, but time is scarce...we'll see.

My menu is again pretty random:

- Arthur's Very Berry Smoothie drank right from container :)
- I really want a SB iced latte but I'm too lazy/busy to drive over there, so probably coffee downstairs
- Special K Satisfaction w/ chopped strawberries & skim milk
- grapes
- salad with whatever veggies are left in the crisper, olive oil dressing
- Source Tango yogurt
- wine and cheese night! Usually when one of us goes away, we go out for a nice dinner, but I chose wine and cheese night at home so I can still do laundry and start packing and stuff. I picked up some old white cheddar, havarti, brie, cacciatore sausage & some local pepperoni....and of course a mini-baguette. I will also throw in some grapes & carrots for me. DBF is in charge of picking out some wine.

I'm aiming for 3 litres of water today to flush my system. Plus I probably won't get in 2 full litres tomorrow because I'll be flying half of the day and I hate having to pee on the plane!

Points: pretty good
Guidelines: all good Pin It


Lynn said...

Yeah my boobs were the first thing that went when I started losing weight too :( Good luck finding some bras on your vacation.

Your wine and cheese night sounds like such a lovely evening in!

Christina said...

3 cookies and you stopped amazing!!! I can eat so many that it makes me sick. Have fun tonight :)

Fatinah said...

wine and cheese sounds lovely!!

great NSV stopping at the 3 cookies!!

Alli said...

Thats one thing I am actually going to miss when I do finally lose my weight... right now C at goal barely B. Oh well Id rather be happy then boobalicious.... if I can have both ya know!? haha.

Jennifer said...

I had 1/2 an Arthur's very berry smoothie this morning and it was YUM! I still have another in the fridge and I can't wait to drink it. Good thing I can't eat anything solid right now cause I could sure fill up on those! :P

I feel you on the boobage crisis. I went from a 40-D (pre-WW), then a 38C, and now a 38B. Gah!

Cat_82 said...

Omg...Have I found another BC girl????