Friday, May 30, 2008

Day Off

Today is a day off from the gym. Four days in a row is the most I can handle without likely doing some damage. DBF is home from his short week at sea today anyway, so I won't really have time for a workout. Plus, it's gorgeous out again, so I think some time on the deck is in order.

Plans are really loose for today. DBF emailed and said he only got 3 hours sleep last night after being on watch for about 10 hours, so he is poopered. Plus he still has to work all day today. Blech.

So, the meal plan, such as it is so far:

- coffee
- fruit salad
- pumpkin & Liberte vanilla yogurt concoction
- homemade guacamole (had to use up leftover ingredients) with crackers
- frosty can of Strongbow on the deck with my honey
- dinner: I've thawed some chicken boobies....we want to I'm thinking Greek marinade...then served with some grilled veggies & taters....hmmm...ya, good idea! Glad I just thought of it. :)
- fudgicle or creamsicle while watching Nip/Tuck (we are obsessed with this show) Pin It


Lynn said...

whoohoo! He's home again!

Isn't Nip/Tuck awesome?!! Our addiction began about a month ago and we're almost through season 3! already!

Alli said...

Mmmm luv some greek flavor. Hope you have an awesome relaxing weekend with the beau!

tash said...

Your poor BF! Guess you'll just have to spend some time in bed with him ;)