Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Funk

Ugh, still feeling fairly ass-like today. Booooo for the vacation cold!! The sniffles have subsided but I still have that lovely flemmy cough, I'm sleeping way too much, and today I have a wicked headache (which I suspect is because my neck and jaw are sore from being in bed too long). Lame.

So my food is totally bizarre today because I'm still not really hungry, but I figured a few different things might cure my headache. No luck yet.

I am going out for a girl's potluck tonight though. It's rare that I get these opportunities here in Halifax, so I'm getting off my bum to meet some new people. Should be a good time (as long as this headache mellows out) and I get to wear new clothes I bought while on vacation! I'm driving myself, so only 2 drinks for me tonight and I think I might pick up a bottle of San Pellegrino to drink the rest of the evening.

Today's eats (such as they are):

- coffee
- hard boiled egg
- 2 cookies (don't ask, they were on the counter next to the coffee maker)
- fresh strawberries & blueberries with Source Tango peach yogurt
- strawberry Source Tango yogurt
- Wheat Thins, tzatziki, light cheddar, cukes & carrots
- potluck snackies! pretty much everything that people are bringing is pretty healthy in I will try what I like and sit far away from the food counter. I'm bringing my fabulous fresh guacamole and some black bean tortilla chips I found in the organic section.


Some days this is so freaking hard!

F&V: looking good, just have to make sure to get some more in tonight
Dairy: got em
Grains: so far so good, I'll avoid bread tonight
Water: glug, glug, glug
Vitamins: down the hatch
Oils: let's hope there's something with olive oil in it tonight
Protein: egg - check!, cheese - check!, something at potluck - check!
Booze: only two for me, all good!

Activity: fat chance! but I'm dragging my butt to the treadmill tomorrow come hell or highwater. Pin It

1 comment:

Jen said...

Sorry to hear that you are still feeling icky!! I hope it goes away soon!!!

The potluck sounds like fun tonight!! I love getting out and meeting new people!!! Have a great time!!!