Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gym Recap & Dinner Review

Finally got to the gym for 6:30. I really need to quit blogging during the day so I'm not always working late! I didn't do the best workout in the world, but at least I got it done!

I hopped on the treadmill out of habit, totally forgetting that I wanted to do sprints on the cross-trainer. (I hate doing sprint intervals on the treadmill because you have to keep manually changing the speed...on the cross-trainer you can just start moving faster or slower under your own momentum.) So, since I was already on there I decided to just stay there and do more incline intervals. Not quite as difficult as sprints, but still gets my heart pumping...and my legs will thank me later. My lungs aren't quite ready for serious heavy breathing just yet anyway.

So... treadmill:
- 5 min warm-up
- 15 mins incline intervals - every two minutes I switched between level 10 & level 15, back and forth - 5 min face paced walking cooldown

Then my strength training routine, minus the reverse lunges and back extensions (I actually hate both of those things, so am looking forward to my trainer giving me something different next week.)

I felt like I had worked out, but I barely broke a sweat. And no time for extra cardio tonight. Oh well. I still got 2.2km to add to my distance challenge...and a sticker for my gym challenge.

For dinner I made a recipe from last month's Rachel Ray magazine. It was sooooo good. It's made with too much butter, but that could be changed up for the next time I try it. I wish DBF liked fish because it was cheap, easy, and yummy.

Buttery Halibut with Smashed Potatoes

I had haddock on hand so used that instead of the halibut. I could see definitely easing up on the butter and maybe just searing the fish with some Pam next time. Not sure if it needed the flour coating either. My veggie was steamed fiddleheads and I just let the tomato-butter melt off the fish into the greens. Lucky me, I made enough for you know what I'm having tomorrow night! Pin It

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CaRoLyN said...

I just started doing intervals at the gym and I find it is such a good workout. I have been doing a lot of research on it too and it appears to burn more calories even after you are done working out. It's hard though to get out of the thinking that 30 mins of intervals really is better than 50 mins of steady cardio. It's hard to to think that after 35 mins or so, I'm all done cardio and it's time for weights. I'm used to 50-60 mins of cardio and no weights.

Anyway the point of all this was to say that I'm glad you are rocking the exercise! Keeps me motivated. Today is Day 4 and I'm heading to the gym for my 3rd workout (getting that root canal on Tuesday really messed up my gym schedule)