Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gym Recap

OK, I'm a bad doggie Mommy...I didn't walk him. I started to get ready and somehow I ended up with my gym pants on, and that led to filling my water bottle and the next thing I knew I had my trusty new Lulu bag on my shoulder and getting into my car to head for the gym. Poor puppy. Good for Mommy, not so much for doggie.

But I had a GRRRREAT workout!

I decided to start out on the Eliptical and man did that make a difference. I went a full mile further than I did on Tuesday, doing basically the same thing...but for 5 minutes longer.

- 5 min warm up, ramp at level 10
- 15 mins incline intervals - 2 mins at each level 10 & level 15, back and forth
- 5 min fast paced cool down, level 7

- 5 min fast paced walk, incline of 5
- 15 mins incline intervals - 2 mins at each level 5 & level 10, back and forth @ 3.5mph
- 5 min cooldown walk

- 10 minutes rowing (went 200m further than Tuesday)

Total travelled: 7.8km (that's a crazy 3.8km more than Tuesday for almost the same workout...I'm pretty sure I must have buggered up my counting then because today I know I'm accurate.)

As a side note: I was doing calf raises, standing on the big stretching apparatus...and some chick decided that she wanted to stretch her back using the same bar I was holding onto. She didn't say excuse me or anything, just looked at me like I was in her way. Holy freaking rude Batman. I didn't say anything, just kept doing my thing, but then she actually almost hit me in the face with the bar, so I lightly put my hand on it so she would realize that she's an idiot. She scowled at me and walked away. Um, hello...first come, first served. Duh. Pin It


tash said...

She was probably just jealous of your new Lulu bag!

Lynn said...

Ugh, I hate dumb ppl at the gym....