Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's all about the action...

I just updated my Summer Challenge goals. As I've mentioned, my plan to stick to the Eight Healthy Guidelines didn't work out. Funny, because I originally chose that because I thought it would be the easiest thing to do while I was home visiting family and friends. Not. So. Much. Unfortunately, my water intake and healthy oils suffered (oh who am I kidding, there were days where I was lucky to get one fruit serving!).

Honestly, it's just not my thing to force special items into my diet each day. Overall I get enough vitamins, water, healthy grains, and lean proteins. It's all good. Healthy eating isn't my issue at this point. Toning, firming, building cardio, and overall physical fitness are really my focus.

So, back to the activity challenges for me. See the sidebar --->. I plan to cram 20 workouts into the next 28 days. I will continue with my Mon/Wed/Sat schedule for cardio and strength training, plus will get in as many extra cardio days as I can. I will practice sprinting, intervals, inclines, whatever I can do for my poor little lungs and jiggling tushy.

My personal distance challenge for May is struggling, but still alive (I planned to walk/run/ride at least 50km during the month, and if I push it I'll still make it) so I am continuing on with it for the next 28 days...another 50km (it's a week of overlap, but two different challenges).

I also have the Relay for Life coming up so that will add miles and miles for me, but I'm not counting that. Charity is above and beyond my personal goal. :)

When I complete the gym goal, I'll reward myself with a fun new bikini or sundress or something. When I complete the distance goal, it might just be time for the Nike iPod thingy. (I usually don't reward myself, because inevitably if I want something I just buy it regardless of whether I "earned" it or not...but in these cases I'll try to be tough on myself!) Pin It

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CaRoLyN said...

LOVE the new challenge. I think it's a great one and I think I will jump on the bandwagon with you. 20 workouts in 28 days. I didn't get to the gym yesterday since I was out of town for a root canal (how fun is that?!?!) so I'm already lagging behind a little, but I know I can get there! Thanks for the motivation!

The pumpkin idea sounds yummmm. Must try it. I did buy a huge can the other day to make cupcakes with (just pumpkin and cake mix)