Monday, May 12, 2008

Miss me yet?

Did you know that when you fly all the way across the country and there are a couple of take-offs during that time, that you end up with 3 complimentary packages of Bits n Bites, plus a pack of Peak Freans? :) Plus because of the extra long touch-down in TO, you can actually get off the plane just long enough for Starbucks and a new book. Let's just say that travel day eating is not good. It probably could have been worse, but there wasn't a vegetable in sight. Oh well. Life goes on. And when your girlfriends make you homemade nachos served with your favorite Strongbow Cider at what is 2am for you, you take it and relish it!

Since then I've made a few bad choices, but for the most part all is well. Mom and I stocked up on Kashi Crunch and strawberries yesterday so I'm happy now. This morning I finally got some activity in and walked for 45 minutes around my childhood neighborhood (I will mapmywalk and post it) and it felt great! I'm going to try a different direction tomorrow.

Hope you all don't miss me too much. :) Time to go shopping with Mom and maybe finally find those new bras! Pin It


Jen said...

*laughs* that sounds like my trip to Ottawa!!! We had FOUR different planes (on the way home) which equaled FOUR snacks (I did the same, changed to cookies after a while!) and stopped in TO for Starbucks (though I think I had a chocolate croissant as well)...

MAYBE I was missing you a little...but I wouldn't tell! ;P

CaRoLyN said...

Mmm airplane food :)
Glad you made it ok, sounds like your coices weren't tooo bad. The Nachos sound yummy and after all that travelling, how could you say no?!

Enjoy your trip!!!

Jennifer said...

Ohhh airplane food is the worst! I'm glad you survived, haha. I remember when I went to Paris, they were giving out those 2-pack Quaker Chocolate Chip cookies. The moist, chewy ones. DEADLY! They're like 8 or 9 points a pack. Yikes!

Have fun bra shopping! Although I had to shop for a smaller size too because my girls have shrunk, I do love the new ones I've bought and they fit sooo much better.