Monday, May 05, 2008

Off on the right foot...

The scale tells me 152.8 this morning! That is down .6 pounds from last week and the lowest I have been in 5 weeks. Woooooo!!

I know I was quite over my points this week, but I think my body is finally adjusting to all of the working out and extra activity. Also, I took a day off from the gym this week, plus took it easier on one of my other days and I think that might have actually helped in the weight department. That's just a guess though.

DBF is home now, so I got up to drive him to work and went for my early morning workout. I wasn't feeling the C25K love today though, so I did my own thing on the treadmill. 5 min warm-up, and 3 x 5 min runs w/ 1 min recoveries, 3 min cooldown. Then my full strength training of course...I forced myself to up my weights again on a few machines, and have added some calf exercises to the end of my routine (I'm finally starting to see the definition in my calves and want to keep it up!). Finished off the day with a 10 minute, level 8, random hill ride on the recumb bike. Whew!

I racked up another 7km for my personal activity challenge. :)

Today's eats are planned as follows:

pre-gym: 1/2 banana
- SB dbl tall no fat vanilla latte
- 2 x toast w/ pb & other 1/2 of banana
- coffee
- 1/2 serving Arthurs Very Berry Smoothie
- ww pita (toasted w/ 1 tsp olive oil), hummus, cukes, carrots
- ff vanilla yogurt w/ strawberries
- All Bran bar
- balsamic chicken with mushrooms (WW good!) served with grilled (w/ olive oil) zucchini & steamed asparagus
- Creamsicle


Guidelines: yup, yup, yup
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Christina said...

I am so happy for your loss....woo hoo .6 lbs less of you yeah girl!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the 0.6 loss! That's awesome! I can't wait until I'm at 152.8, lol!

Natalie said...

Great job on the loss! That's always exciting.

Alli said...

So glad your honey is back!!! Please post that balsamic chicken recipe -- sounds so good!!
Hope you have an awesome week.

eurydice said...

lowest weight holla! ;o)

Lynn said...

That's awesome, congrats on the loss!!

Julie said...


Sparky said...

Lowest weight in 5 weeks? How exciting!!!!