Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Sniffles

The stupid sniffles are still lingering. More of a stuffed-up-ed-ness actually. I think I stayed up too late last night.

The potluck was a great time! A lot of what DBF refers to as "cackling hens" chatting and drinking and eating, oh my! :) There was so much food. My guacamole went over well, but there were tons of other yummy things too. I stuck to my two drinks...fruit martini-type things, but didn't drink any water so I was super thirsty when I got home. I think my snacking was fairly under control...probably a few too many crackers, but I took it easy on the dips and such and did eat mostly fruit. I'm pretty happy with the whole situation.

Today is all up in the air. I'm sipping coffee right now, then will probably grab a small bowl of Kashi Crunch before we head out to Rona to buy our new patio set. I hope they still have the one we picked out about a month ago. *crosses fingers* I am also hoping to maybe wrangle DBF into a mini-date for lunch at Darrell's (recommended by the lovely Tash). If not, then I'll just make Greek salad when we get back from shopping. Tonight I have a meeting with my Relay for Life team downtown at a pub. I haven't looked at the menu yet, but that is next on my agenda. I'll happily chose something healthy (or maybe eat before I go)...I'm just really hoping they have my Strongbow cider on tap, because no one else in this damn city does! Maxwell's Plum boosts the most beers on tap in Halifax, so hopefully that includes my one lovely cider. Pin It

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Jennifer said...

I got really drunk of Strongbow cider once and now I can't even look at the stuff :( Getting that drunk was part of the reason I stopped drinking altogether lol