Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Don't you hate it when you eat something points unfriendly and it's not even good? That's what happened at lunch. My Grandpa decided he wanted to eat at a local seafood restaurant....thinking this would be a great healthy option, we agreed. Good God, has that place gone dowwwwwwnhill. Everything was battered or fried. I opted for a Seafood Club which was really good, but not particularly good for me since it was laden with dill mayo and had thick strips of bacon. Such is life. But I paired it with their creamy clam chowder, which was completely disappointing. More like flour and potato soup. Boooooo. At least it was the one big meal for today so I'll just chalk it up to the whole day's points and stick with water and tea for the rest of the night. Maybe strawberries as my evening snack.

Good news is that the sun is supposed to come out maybe I can get my morning walk in before my train trip back to Victoria.
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CaRoLyN said...

I HATE that! You spend all these points that you've been saving up and working your butt off for and then it turns out that you threw them down the drain on something just so-so? Ugh! My pet peeve!

Mandy said...

I hear ya! I hate it when that happens!!! Boo!

Lynn said...

Ugh wasting points/cals on food always makes me mad....especially when you coulda had something really yummy.

Hope the sun is out for you today!