Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What ice cream?

So last night there "might" have been a trip to DQ. And by ""might" I mean I had a Tin Roof Brownie Blizzard and it was freaking fantastic. :) Oh, and there was wine. Yes, ice cream then wine.

Normally Tuesdays I don't drive DBF to work because I have a standing work project that has to be done on Tuesday afternoons right around the same time I'd have to pick him up, but since I want to get into the gym as much as I can before I leave on vacation this Friday I decided I'd drive him and just work around the pick-up time and my project this afternoon.

Gym Recap (cardio only day):

Treadmill: inclines, warmed up with ramp at 5, and moved up from there for 15 mins...all the way to 15 for the last 5 minutes, finished with 5 minute cooldown declining slowly.

Erg: rowed for 10 minutes

Stairmaster: level 5, manual, for 10 minutes

Burned approx 400 cals and travelled exactly 5km for my personal activity challenge!

Today's eats:

- SB dbl tall no fat vanilla latte
- SB stupid apple cinnamon bun (probably like 12 points! sorta worth it, haha)
- grapes
- tuna salad (tuna, light mayo, pickles, green onions, squirt of dijon) on Light Rye Wasa
- baby carrots
- 1/2 serving Arthur's Very Berry Smoothie
- ff vanilla yogurt w/ strawberries
- "Crunchy Chicken" (essentially corn flake coated chicken a la Rachel Ray), served with whatever veggie I pick up at the grocery store (brocolli probably) and McCain fries.... and probably some sort of dipping sauce consisting of light mayo.
- glass of skim milk with dinner
- Creamsicle

points: 20+stupid cinnabun/22+4AP

Guidelines: check, check, check
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Jennifer said...

Damn! Jamie, I am living vicariously through you and your trip to DQ. I still haven't tried that Blizzard, even though I really want to. But I'm glad it's good, haha. Hopefully after I can eat solid food again, I'll go get one! :)

And Starbucks is soooo good but soooo deadly points-wise. I remember when I was in Grade 12, I was on a school trip to Toronto and I went to Starbucks and they had this thing called a "cinnamon chip scone" and it was the best freakin' thing I've ever had! I haven't seen one since though :(

Lynn said...

I've been eyeing the DQ Waffle Bowl Sundae for quite some time now....think it might be time to indulge, hopefully I can a portion of it instead of the whole thing, lol :)

You're doing awesome w/ your personal challenges!!

Alli said...

OMG i AM drooooooling on my desk . I have been wanting that sundae for a long time.

Bi0nicw0man said...

The waffle bowl sundae was my second choice. Don't tempt me to go two days in a row!

Marissa said...

I had the Tin Roof Blizzard a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic!! Those DQ ads on TV are the devil!

marie said...

I love that you called it the "Stupid" apple cinnamon bun :)

My brother brought home a BOX of the top pot fritters two weeks ago.


That's like six of em.

Sitting on my kitchen table taunting me.

Frickin' evil, I say.

I hate SB pastries when they come to my house for free.