Monday, June 02, 2008

Challenge Around a Challenge

Here we are, already into June! Where did May go? Oh right, for me it went on vacation and sick days.

I had already re-planned out my new goals for the Summer Challenge, and although I missed a gym day this weekend I am pretty much on track. I still have to get in 15 more gym days before Jun-22, and still need to travel more than 25.6km in that same time. Totally doable!

But since we have started another month, I've started my June goals as well. Since May didn't work out so well for number of gym days, I've bumped it up for this month. I want to see 22 little lady bug stickers on my calendar. And in tandem with that, I'm aiming for 75km travelled (in gym or not) by month's end. (I achieved over 50km last month, even with being away and being it was time to up the ante.) My bike should finally be on the trail this week, so that will make the km challenge a lot easier.

As an added challenge, I'm putting the smackdown on ice cream. The blizzards were starting to become a weekly treat, so I'm cutting that down to one for the month. DBF is going to laugh in my face, but I'm going to be strong. If DQ calls to me, I'll either tell it to bugger off, or get a small dipped cone. And I'm not buying ice cream for the house. If it's not here I don't even care about it...but if it's here I can always hear it taunting me.

Anyone else have June goals or challenges? Pin It


tash said...

My June goal is to hit the gym again . . . starting this Thursday after my last exam. Aiming for a total of 3 workouts per week.

Jen said...

good call with the ice cream...those blizzards are the devil!!! I usually try to talk myself into mcdonalds for ice's not as bad because it's ice milk!

Alli said...

Starting a new month feels like a fresh start! I love it. I really wnat to make June a good one!! Half way mark you know?

JavaChick said...

I set new workout goals part way through May, so I am going to stick to those. For June, my goal is to eat a clean diet - or as near as I can. So I'm with you - avoiding the ice cream, etc.

Good luck!