Sunday, June 15, 2008

Go with the Flow

Some days you just have to, you know?

I woke up this morning (early, due to someone banging on my door...I didn't answer) with unexpected energy and the itch to do something productive (like yesterday wasn't totally crazy productive, but whatever). So I decided just to go for it. No plan, nothing...just go.

So I showered and cleaned up, tried making an iced coffee but it was ass, ate a cupcake (I'll tell you about those later), and sat on my front porch for a few minutes. As I sat there I realized that we've been worrying so much about how to deal with our back yard, that I've totally neglected the front yard. So I quickly had a look at what needed to be done, grabbed my purse and off I went.

Stopped for a coffee...the Sunday favorite of a triple grande vanilla no-fat latte, and a bigass chocolate cookie to be consumed throughout the day. Hit up several garden centers, got what I thought I needed and came home.

Chugged some water, ate some hummus and carrots, changed my clothes and got to work. You can see the photos of my gardening on my other blog. Chugged more water while I worked. Ate some cookie. :)

Finished up the gardening, made a turkey dog on a whole wheat bun with a light cheese slice. Finished the cookie. :)

More water, and now thinking about a yummy salad for dinner. Heading to the grocery store now that I've washed all of the dirt off me, and will pick up something fresh and crunchy. Thinking about some cherries for my movie treat tonight too. Bringing my own water to the theatre too because no one needs a $5 pop....nor do I need the sugar or calories. No popcorn for me because tomorrow is weigh-in and I don't want any salty treats making me retain water. No sir!

No menu plan, and the cookie wasn't the best choice, but I was active and rounded out my day with lots of healthy options so I'm very pleased with my day!

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