Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If it ain't broke...

...don't fix it. Today will look a lot like yesterday, with the exception of a different kind of workout.

My menu worked just right yesterday, so let's do it again...

- coffeeeeee
- All Bran bar
- Liberte yogurt cup (today it has chocolatey granola bits)
- cherries
- PC BM multigrain bagel with natural PB & banana
- raspberries
- baby carrots & celery with hummus (I never ate this yesterday)
- more yummy Asian slaw with grilled Teriwacky chicken skewers
- carrot/pineapple cupcakes
- maybe some tea

Definitely a lunchtime walk with the doggy, he'll be so confused...two days in a row, oh my!! Maybe some evening cardio at the gym...depending on how my chores go today. Pin It


eurydice said...

having a dog is a great motivation for extra walks... although personally too much work for me haha.

and as it turns out, my bf was "joking" about forgetting my bday... so now we have plans tonight. hilarious.... NOT!

Alli said...

Thanks for the yogurt link! I have seen you post that daily and have always been curious. I looked it up and they do sell in NC at whole foods so next time I go I will be checking that out!!