Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ingoring the cravings...

Yes, that's what I'm doing sitting here. Ignoring the fact that I busted my butt all day and now I want ice cream. Technically I could probably have it without much consequence, but it's more that I know I don't need it so I'm trying to be good. Tomorrow night I'm going to the movies and I would rather have a treat then.

Today I did really good. I ended up not having the pita pitza...just ate some extra veggies and dip. Didn't even have the iced coffee...didn't need it. Then come dinner time I didn't feel like getting cleaned up just to go get food, so I used up the last hard boiled egg and made egg salad on a Ble Menu bagel. Yummy and way healthier than the chicken strips I wanted to go get. I snacked on a serving of Junior Mints throughout the day too....actually you would all be proud, I'd poured the box into a bowl and when I realized how much was there I put half of them back for tomorrow!!

So now I have points to play with and it's 9:00. I'll likely just go for a bowl of cereal as that always seems to help satiate the cravings. Maybe some tea too. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday night! Pin It

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