Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Ha, oh what a beautiful day!! :)

LOL, how lame am I? I am soooo overtired it's nutty. Can you tell?

I'll do a full report on the Relay later today...complete with pictures...on my other blog.

But I can tell you that it was a great time, despite the damp and rainy weather we got. Oh sure, NOW the sun comes out in full force. Silly Nova Scotia weather. We walked and walked and walked (rough guess is about 48km) stiff, somewhat sore, but amazingly not too much pain. Yesterday I was getting pretty stiff, but I went and did some shopping and although it hurt, it felt good to be moving around.

This morning I had to take DBF to work extra early (leaving for a 12 day sail....boooooo) so I packed up my gym bag and got in a workout. Yaaaieee me! I took it easy for the cardio as my hips and knees just couldn't handle any jarring....but got a solid 25 minute light incline walk in on the elliptical and an extra 5 minutes on the bike. Did my full strength routine and felt pretty refreshed when I was all done. :) (added 4.8km to my personal distance challenge)

As I usually do when DBF goes away, I'll be checking out what's in the fridge and pantry that can be eatten up and putting together a loose meal plan for the week. Today is based on what I glimpsed down there last night before bed....

- pre-gym: 1/2 lemon zest Luna bar
- post-gym: Grande Starbucks Double Shot on Ice with Vanilla (my new fave!! so yummy and refreshing! and the Grande packs in THREE shots of espresso to really get me pumping!)
- other 1/2 of Luna bar
- Liberte Svelt Moka yogurt w/ raspberries, blackberries & All-Bran sprinkle
- bacon, tomato, & spinach sammich
- baby carrots w/ smidge of hummus (all that's left)
- dinner TBD: something with lots of veggies, leftover potato salad....hmmmm, need protein
- grapes
- Liberte Svelt Vanilla yogurt if I'm still feeling snacky

Early to bed tonight....I'm still missing about 8 hours of sleep from the weekend....

Oh, on the down side, I'm up another pound this morning to 156. Boooooo. Now I'm over my comfortable maintenance weight. Definitely a detox week! Pin It


Jen said...

WOOOT!!!! Awesome job girl!!! That is insane (48km!)...I don't even know what we walked in ours...I really wish I had worn my heartrate monitor or SOMETHING (to know how long, how far and how many calories - for curiosity)...but yeah, you are even MORE amazing for working out still this morning!!! I was DEAD the next couple of days after hips hated me!

Marissa said...

Fantastic on the relay!! That's so awesome! And you're even more awesome for getting in a workout today!

Alli said...

Great job on the race!!!
I am going to do the clean out the cuboard eating next week... Dont really want to have alot of stuff laying around before our trip at the end of june. Its amazing the stuff you can come up with to eat when you do that though hahah. Hope you have an awesome week!!