Friday, June 13, 2008

Personal Trainer Recap

I realized that I never did post the new strength training routine I got from my trainer last week.... I like this one a lot better. I don't know if it's because it seems easier, or maybe because there is less equipment involved, or maybe because I am finally seeing some toning results....but this routine is much more enjoyable to me. It's also faster, with less waiting between sets.

- free moving chest press: this is the machine you sit on with your back up against the pad, and the handles on each side are attached to their own sets of weights (hence free moving because each arm is independent). more difficult than the chest press I was using before, because now I have to control my own arms. this also has the option of lifting a foot off the ground to work on my core...which I desperately need.

- deltoid pull down: this is the machine you reach up and pull down...haha, I guess the name says it all. works the back, delts and biceps. much better than the back machine I was using before...although I will say that my back is definitely getting stronger so it must have been working.

- sit-down/stand-ups: basically these are squats...but using the bench to make sure I squat the same distance each time. squat down so that my pants brush the seat, then stand back up.

during the rest between sets of those, I do...

- step-ups on the bosu ball: just as they sound...faced paced steps up and down on the half-ball (holy high intensity cardio batman)

- tricep press: similar to a bench press, but with a body bar and working the triceps...laying on the bench, keeping arms firm, holding bar straight up and bending at the elbow (hard to explain)

- calf raises: standing on the edge of a stair, going up on tippy toes and back down again

during the rest between sets of those, I do...

- planks: slightly angled, with hands on a bench (so much better for my lower back than the previous ab exercises I was doing)

She also upped me to 15 reps (3 sets). She had me at 12 reps because I'm leaner in the upper body and she thought I might like to build some muscle...but I'm fine with my muscle, I'm really all about the toning, back strength, and light cardio.

Originally I had said I probably wouldn't go back to her, but I've booked a follow up session to go over this new routine and then I'll decide from there. Honestly, now that I have two different routines (plus my own ideas about things I've learned) I think I'll probably take a break from the trainer, at least for the Summer. Pin It

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