Friday, June 27, 2008

Snack Attack - Energy Bar

I forgot that I grabbed a couple of new energy bars while I was wandering through the organic section to pick up my yogurt... so I just tried one as my "lunch"....and I thought I should just warn you all to save your money.

It is the thinkOrganic fruit & nut energy bar in Chocolate Coconut. Looks good, tastes OK, but for the price I'll stick with LaraBars or LunaBars, thanks.

I picked it up because the calorie count wasn't too bad (the fat is kind of high, but it's from all natural ingredients) and it had a good amount of fibre (3gr) and protein (gr). Although I do see that the nutrional information on their website is totally different....they list the calories and fat much lower. Odd. It is all organic and doesn't have any filler, so that is a plus...but the same goes for the Laras and Lunas.

I did enjoy the coconut, but the chocolate was more cocoa tasting and kind of bland. Totally unsweetened...which I sometimes don't mind, but it left me feeling disappointed this time. I paid $2.49 for this tiny little thing so I at least want it to taste good. Boring is no good. That's why I like the Lunas...the lemon zest one tastes like lemon icing...much more fun! :)
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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I'll stick to Luna and Lara bars too. Have you tried the cashew cookie Larabar? OMG it is to DIE for, probably because I love cashews so much, haha. Yummm.

Alli said...

Love love love lemon zest luna bars. So addictive too haha.

carla said...

raises hand and acknowledges she's never ever had a luna bar!


CaRoLyN said...

Thanks for the tip off! Much appreciated! I haven't really tried any of the bars mentioned, even the Luna (which everyone seems to rave about to I might have to skip into the organic section this week!)