Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sometimes you have to plan ahead...

I'm sitting down to write out tomorrow's menu now because I let today get away from me and made some not-so-great choices. Can you say carbfest?! For some reason I bought Teddy Grahams today, and ate like 2/3 of the bag. I have never bought Teddy Grahams before and they weren't even all that good. Why do we do these things? (hello, bored and lonely cuz DBF is away...or at least that's today's excuse...)

Anyway, I also bought a ton of salad fixings, more yummy yogurt, cheese strings, and another big bag of cherries! So I am plenty prepared, and ready to cleanse my system in prepartion for DBF's return on Friday and the inevitable pizza or dinner out...and wine! :) I already prepped some of the salad fixings and pitted and chopped cherries and a nectarine. I'm in it to win it!


- first things first....huge mothering mug of water! and my multivitamin!
- then I'm allowed to make coffee :)
- 1/2 banana while I'm waiting for the coffee
- chopped cherries & nectarine mixed with my Liberte yogurt and muesli cup
- no mid-morning snack...just more water, and apple juice if I think I'm hungry
- before I can have lunch, I have to WALK THE DOG (this will make day 3 this week, which is what I promised him)
- leftover beans & weinies! no toast.
- baby carrots & celery stix & hummus
- more water cuz those beans are salty!
- afternoon snacks I can have a cheese string and a kiwi
- dinner is going to be a MASSIVE salad with TONS of chopped veggies, teriwacky chicken, and light creamy caesar dressing
- water, water, water
- saved enough points for small bowl of cereal for evening snack (Kashi Crunch or Special K Satisfaction)

And there you have it. So it is said, so it shall be done (a la Mrs. Furious). Pin It


tash said...

I'm all about the Liberte and muesli cups. It's the perfect amount of crunch.

CaRoLyN said...

Good job on the planning! I find if it's written down, I'm much more likely to follow the plan!

JavaChick said...

I also tend to get myself in trouble when I don't plan my meals. Weekends are really bad that way. Good for you, taking charge, and good luck with the plan!

Alli said...

What is Teriwaky chicken? And where can I get it?

eurydice said...

teddy grahams... i bought organic animal crackers and ate most of the bag in one sitting... no more cute things in resealable packages