Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Saturday

The White Russian was yummy, but we opted to skip the pizza because $46 for two pizzas just pisses me off. LOL. Instead we decided to just head over to one of the local chain we chose East Side Marios. Cheaper and I got leftovers. :)

Today I got up early, packed my gym bag, grabbed my grocery list and headed out. I got in a good workout of sprint intervals on the treadmill, plus my extended strength training routine....excellent and sweaty!

I then stopped at Starbucks for my new favorite drink...grande DoubleShot on ice with vanilla...soooooo yum!! And I'm such a good girl, I passed up all the treats and just waited til I got home to eat. Which was a challenge because I had to stop at the grocery store for all of the eats for tonight's get together. I rocked it!! Came home for a tasty Liberte yogurt with muesli and some fresh cherries!

The rest of today will be spent tidying, cleaning, organizing and prepping food for tonight. Thankfully we are having a late start of 8:00 or lots of time to get ready!! I plan to take it easy on the eating all day so I can really enjoy tonight's food. I am making sangria for the first time in ages, plus lots of cheeses, meats, snacks and yummy goodness.

It should be a good time!
Happy Summer everyone!! Pin It

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Lynn said...

Mmm I picked up fresh cherries too, they're so good!!