Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Report

So the no popcorn plan was foiled last night because there was an Indiana Jones bucket that needed to be acquired. LOL. DBF rarely wants's ironic that we ended up getting it the one time I really didn't want it. haha. It was good though and I'm glad we had it! I probably should have passed on the root beer to go with it, but I didn't want diet Coke and there are no other diet options (which is soooo lame).

Then we came home and had wine. :)

This morning I made breakfast sammiches. Not the healthiest choice, made with bacon...but I used the Blue Menu bagels and light cheese slices, so they could have been worse. Besides, aside from some strawberries and yogurt this afternoon I probably won't eat until dinner time.

DBF has blood work tomorrow morning at work, so he has to fast after 7:00 tonight. We are planning dinner for right at 6:30 and I plan to not snack after that because it would be unfair to him. I think we'll make tea!

Dinner was supposed to be BBQ steak with scallop skewers, but with the shitty weather and his pending cholesterol test we decided to freeze those and just stick with something light. I think I'll still do some skewers with chicken, mushrooms, zucchini & yellow peppers...maybe with some rice. Sure, sounds like a plan!

I haven't made it to the gym yet....booooooo. Maybe later. I hope. Yikes. Pin It

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tash said...

Be proud of yourself for using healthier ingredients for your sandwiches - every little healthy thing you do counts!