Friday, June 06, 2008

That's right. On a Friday...

...I got up early...and went to the gym!! yaiiiieeeee me!! (shhhh....don't tell anyone I was supposed to go yesterday...)

I wish I could convince my body to do this all the time. Morning workouts are the best!! Now that I'm not regularly driving DBF to work in the mornings, I can't seem to convince myself to get out of bed. I thought it would pass, but it was getting worse. Let's hope today is the start of good things to come.

- 5 min warmup
- (discovered the random hills setting thanks to my trainer) - so 5 min speed walking, then 5 mins running, then 5 more mins speed walking
- 5 min fast paced walking cooldown

- 10 minutes random, moderate speed
- threw in a few 30 seconds sprints just to keep the heart rate up (and I'm working on rebuilding lung capacity AGAIN)

New Strength Training Routine
(I'll write this out later)

Stationary Bike:
- 10 minutes random, moderate speed


(This adds a ladybug sticker to my calendar for the Summer Challenge, plus 8.8km to my personal activity challenge.)

Yesterday's menu started out good....healthy sandwich, yummy cucumber & sour cream salad, turkey burgers and spinach salad for dinner. Then we decided to celebrate DBF getting his promotion yesterday...with freaking Blizzards! Argh. What was that? 5 days into my no-Blizzard plan. Booooooooo. (Maybe that's what motivated me to get my ass out of bed this morning?)

Today's menu (and I'm determined to stick to it!):

- pre-gym: 1/2 Larabar
- post-gym: 1/2 Larabar
- coffee
- Liberte Svelte no fat Moka yogurt w/ raspberries & sprinkle of All-Bran
- chopped tomatoes & cukes, marinated in Newman's Own Italian dressing (1 tbsp), mixed with spinach & 1/4 cup part skim mozza
- baby carrots, 1/2 toasted ww pita, 2 tbsp hummus
- potentially a tall no-fat vanilla latte while out this afternoon (going for a mani/pedi with a friend)
- Kashi granola bar in my purse in case I get snacky
- dinner out: Hamachi House: sushi!!
- then out to see Sex and the City!!! (maybe share some popcorn, but I AM NOT GETTING MY OWN!) Pin It


Natalie said...

You'll love, love, love the SATC movie. I want to go again!

And good for you for hitting the gym early.

Jen said...

Thats awesome for you getting to the gym so early!!! I wouldn't sweat the blizzard, even though you had a "no-blizzard" plan I am certain you worked it in (or at least made up for it this morning!!!)

Have an awesome time tonight!!! I need to feed my sushi craving soon here...

tash said...

Great job on going to the gym! And you only got the 1 blizzard, not one everyday you wanted to get one so that is still a victory!

Lex said...

MMMMMMM Hamachi house

I love it...and go there way more often than my wallet would like me to