Saturday, June 07, 2008

This weekend...

The mani/pedi was soooo nice. Relaxing and fun all at the same time. I had two younger women working on me and we basically just chatted and gossiped the whole time. Good fun. And my nails look great too! :)

I managed to pass up the afternoon Starbucks trip. I didn't want to stop before my appointment, and afterwards I had to get home and get ready for dinner and the movie. Instead I just ate my Kashi bar to hold me over, and that was all I needed.

Dinner was super yummy! Ate more than I probably should have, but it was a combo plate and I wanted it all! We shared some edamame to start, then the small bowl of Miso soup and tiny little salad that came with our meals. My combo was a California roll, a spicy tuna roll and a spicy salmon roll. All three were very good....although the two spicy rolls had some crunchy tempura in them that I was not expecting.

I did avoid popcorn at the theatre....but did eat a bag of Sour Patch Kids. I've been on a candy kick lately and I swear those little kids called out to me. At least they are fat free (ha, but FULL of sugar) and not covered in butter. I tried to order a Coke Zero, but they were I ended up with Orange pop. Oh well.

The movie was excellent of course. There were a few things I could have done without....cheesy jokes mainly.... but all in all it stuck to it's roots and gave me a few tear jerks and some good laughs. The soundtrack was crazy bad though. The show has never been about the music, and the addition of hip-hop didn't do it for me. But Carrie's wedding dress definitely took my breath away. :)

Tonight is the Relay for Life, so I have no plan. I'll eat the best I can, but I know there will be temptations all over the place and I'm there to have fun so I'll do what I want. I'm bringing homemade potato salad and Sweet Home Alabanana (choc chip/pecan/banana loaf from ESBM). My teammates are bringing sandwiches, taco dip, chips, cookies, drinks, fruit, veggies, etc. Plus there will be food available for purchase and I just know I'll want a hotdog by about midnight! Thankfully they are also providing us with a coffee booth, cuz Lord knows I'll want that! :)

I hope to do a TON of walking. We plan to walk in pairs for as much of the time as possible, to make it more fun. No one wants to walk around in the dark by themselves!

Should be a great time!!

Tomorrow will be a recovery day so I'm planning on some yummy fruit, yogurt and Starbucks. :) Pin It


tash said...

Have a great time tonight! It's so wonderful that you are doing the Relay for Life. Means a lot to me as my Grandpapa is struggeling with cancer. Thank you.

Jen said...

OOOH so nice about your mani/pedi...I really need to book one soon!!!!

I am so glad the day is finally here!!! I laughed out loud because I had a hot dog at midnight during my Relay as well!!! You are awesome Jamie, enjoy yourself tonight, it's for an awesome cause (oh and wear sunglasses during the Survivors walk at the beginning - unless you don't mind people seeing you cry!)