Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And there you have it...

I'm officially at the heaviest I've been in at least 6 months. I just looked back through my calendar and nowhere between now and January have I ever gone over the 156lb mark (usually not over 154 if I can help it) I am 156.4...boooooooooooooooooo!! My maintenance is supposed to be under goal was 150, but my body is generally it's happiest at 152-153. Meh. So at least 3 pounds need to take a NOW!

We had a fun weekend, with LOTS of tasty eats and far too much wine....but today I am back on the straight and narrow. Most of the extra cheese and treats and such have vacated the building (mainly because we ate it at like 11:00 last night!) so aside from a couple of pieces of pizza there isn't too much left to taunt me. I will fit in one piece of pizza as my lunch...and honestly don't care if the rest goes to the trashcan.

I already hit the gym this morning, so that's a great motivational start! I did a sweaty power-walk with random inclines on the treadmill for 25 minutes, followed by a 10 minute random hill ride on the recumbant bike (with a 3 minute cooldown), and a complete set of my strength training routine. I really pushed myself today and was able to up the weights on two more of the exercises. My exercise was non-existant for the long weekend and I'm determined to make it up this week....shouldn't be a problem. :)

On the way home from the gym, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some fresh produce, dairy, lean meats, etc so there are no excuses for dinners and snacks for the next few days. My friends the fresh fruits have returned and I am sooooo on them! I'll be keeping them company with lots of water....and laying off the booze until I can rehydrate and knock off at least a pound or two...sun or no sun I can drink Coke Zeros with fresh lemons and limes if I need a bevvie on the deck!

And my final hurrah for today is that I stopped for my Starbucks treat after shopping, and I only got a coffee. No latte. No Doubleshot. No tasteless baked good. Just good old coffee! Yaaieeeee!

Today's healthy, yummy, super-duper menu plan:

- 1 litre water already down
- 1/2 of a Satisfibre Express natural blueberry bar
- coffeeeeeeeeeeeee
- plum
- 1% cottage cheese with pineapple tidbits & chopped orange
- lunch will be one slice of leftover Costco pizza with another full litre of water
- last of the cherries and 1 apricot
- baby carrots if I need another snack
- dinner is chicken breasts marinated Asian style grilled on the BBQ, served with steamed asparagus with sesame oil, and that yummy Asian slaw. oh, and another litre of water.
- evening snack...either a creamsicle or blackberries with vanilla yogurt

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Aimee said...

Ok so not hitting the gym and eating bad... We know what those 2 things can do to our weight!
So you know how to fix it. Now it's just getting your mind set back in the game. Which is probably the hardest part. But you went to the gym today!!! So your doing good!!!!

CaRoLyN said...

Ohh I'm in the same boat sista! The weekends just kill me and that extra glass of wine always leads to trouble so I'm laying off the booze for a few weeks. Time to get serious or we are going to widdle away the summer heavier than we want to be!