Thursday, July 03, 2008


Last month:

Finished up the Eight Weeks Til Summer mentioned before, the beginning of the challenge didn't work out too well for me, so I changed it up part way through. In the end, I was pleased to rock my distance goal by 125%....but a little disappointed in myself for dropping the ball on gym days (only 65%).

Also just completed June so it's time to evaluate my Personal Monthly Challenges. I am still getting 3 gym days per week, which is nothing to sneeze at...but since I was previously going 4-5 days per week I had set my goal at 22 days for the month. Ooops....only got 12 days, so that goal was a bust. And I was rocking my distance goal of 75km....right up until this last weekend, where I lost momentum and came up short of my goal. So close, I'm a bit bummed bout that.

Far enough off on everything that I don't think I deserve a prize. No Lulu for me just yet (although I am starting to get desparate for a couple of things, so I might have to come up with a different prize).


This month:

It is a new month afterall, so a new goal is in order. Actually three goals I think...

1) I like the distance challenge, so I'm going for it again. 75km to be travelled in the gym or outside.

2) Instead of a gym goal, I'm going with a workout goal. 20 sounds like a fair number. This can include trips to the gym, bike rides, and walks in the park, on a trail, with the dog as long as they are actually pumping the heart and legs for a decent distance.

3) Watch what I'm shovelling into my mouth. OP for me is not necessarily counting points specifically, but it is staying On Plan. No crazy overeating, no boredom eating, minimal spontaneous "treats", stopping when I'm full.

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CaRoLyN said...

Great goals, I really like the distance challenge instead of just a time challenge.

Great job on your fantastic OP day yesterday. Gotta love the pineapple and cottage cheese, I am seriously addicted. Especially when you add a little vanilla yogurt...YUM!

Aimee said...

1 day at a time!